Days & Nights on my Model Railroad

Digital Cinema Studio in Bowerbank, Maine

Burackcinematic Limited is a studio that can produce any type of motion picture that can be made with in a sensible budget. The studio has been producing a show called WHAT'S ON THE RAILS? This documentary series is about stories of anything that runs on a railroad track and focuses on the craft itself and the people telling stories of the creations they aspired to rail fanning & model railroading. Its central focus are the people that strive to create their dream creations that inspire others to enjoy this great craft and real world railroading we so love. While, WHAT’S ON THE RAILS is on hiatus, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, a new documentary series has emerged that captures the trials and tribulations of building my home model railroad layout called DAYS & NIGHTS ON MY MODEL RAILROAD. This show is a story driven/ “how I’m building this layout “ from a beginner to novice perspective.

Intro Video