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I met my friend, Neil Fujita, by chance at the Flanders Healthclub southeast of Riverhead, Long Island during the mid 90's. In 1997, Neil decided to begin painting portraits of people living in the North Fork of Long island. Neil recently relocated with his wife, Aiko, from Shelter Island to live near the children and grandchildren in Southold. During that year Neil was in the process of getting acquainted with people in Southold and through his common friends, he traveled throughout the North Fork painting portraits of the people from all cultures of life and the occupations they did. He called this painting endeavor: Seeing is Feeling: American Faces of the North Fork.

Little did I know at the time, Neil was already an icon worldwide for his graphic artwork, while working for Columbia Records during the 1950's to mid-sixties. His very notable graphics include the logo of the TODAY SHOW on NBC and many famous book covers such as IN COLD BLOOD by Truman Capote and THE GODFATHER by Mario Puzo. As Neil finds new friends and paints his portaits of the many different faces he meets, they become stunning portraits with background details that define each person. As Neil paints these portraits, he recalled the days when he had " the wrong face, the wrong eyes, and the wrong name," when he was internmed at the Heart Mountain, Wyoming Internment Camp in the beginning of WWII. While internmed, Neil volunteered and served in the U.S. Army and served with the famous 442nd Combat Regiment in Europe. Known for his, undying compassion for the human spirit, Neil shows his art work done over the years and how his later work reflected on his concerns and hopes of the human condition that made him one of our greatest artists of our time. - Art Burack, Executive Producer

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